For most of us born before the 21st century, keeping up with the newer terminology of our current 2017 seniors and the other ‘young people’ of our society can be rather challenging. But it wasn’t hard for our team to learn what the word ‘slay’ means to our current seniors when Prosper High School senior Sydni Moss walked into our studio last October!

To 'slay' does not mean the same thing as it did in the late 90s when most of us were watching Buffy, but rather to ‘kill it’ or be ‘so fashionable that you killed everyone in sight’. So when Sydni strutted her stuff in our studio, we were all 'ded' (pronounced ‘dead’ and it means that we were slayed by Sydni’s beauty).

Once we recovered from our slayed status, our team moseyed on over to the lovely Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and hiked through some tall grass. It was so awesome that it was 'savage', and not in the wild sense. We trekked through the creek and got our feet a little wet, but it was toasty outside so we all dried up pretty fast!

We ‘low key’ fell in love with the photos from Sydni’s session because she was ‘fire’ and although we’re now feeling a little ‘extra’ trying to use all of these new words, we still know that Sydni’s session was ‘lit’!


Which one is your favorite?