Everyone knows the stories, the movies, even the comics. The jocks, usually football players, bully the underdog and are seen as gruesome representations of oversized teenagers. Not this time!

Senior Model Rep, Jake Ray, has to be the nicest guy on the planet. Tall and broad shouldered, Jake certainly fits into the football world, but after the sessions we’ve had the pleasure to photograph him in, we can definitely say that Jake breaks all pretenses of the stereotypical football player. Not only is Jake kind, but he is extremely talented and told our team that he’s positive that he and the other seniors at Lone Star High School would be leading their team to playoffs later on this school year.

A Little Bit About Jake/h2>

School/Class: Lone Star High School - 2016

What colleges are you interested in?


What would you like to major in?

Business - Marketing

What are your favorite clothing stores?

LuLuLemon/Nike/Urban Outfitters

What type of music do you listen to?

Any Music

Do you have any favorite sports teams?

Dallas Cowboys/Cleveland Cavaliers

What is your favorite hang out spot?

Friends House



Cheyenne Allison

Cheyenne peeks through some of her cross country medals, in the studio.

"TYLER R. BROWN IS AWESOME! The staff was so fun and friendly, taking senior pictures was so much fun! If you want your senior pictures to turn out the best, I'd most definitely recommend him! I LOVE TYLER R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY!" - Cheyenne Allison

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Kristin Birkhoff

Kristin lays down on some grass at the Shops at Legacy.

"Tyler Brown is such a good senior portrait photographer! He's fun and all the photos turn out wonderful!!" - Kristin Birkhoff

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