Walking around quaint Downtown McKinney is always a pleasure, but Prosper High School senior, Regan Pettis, made it even more so during her North Dallas senior photo shoot!

We first me the spunky blonde and her mom, Nikki, in Downtown McKinney on a warm Saturday afternoon. Luckily for us, the impending rain disappeared and left us with a gorgeous clear Texas sky, and we immediately got to work!

It wasn’t long for us to realize that Regan isn’t just any other senior. This girl was FEARLESS and ready to take on Downtown McKinney by storm. She told our team that she is heading to Arkansas next year, and although she loves English, she’s thinking about majoring in Psychology and learning more about how people think. She is also a very proud Christian and told us how happy she was to go to a camp in Colorado with her church this past year and showed us her favorite Bible, which we made sure had a few appearances during her session!

For her second location, Regan had chosen Towne Lake Park for it’s gorgeous greenery, cute creek, and because it’s all of five minutes away from Downtown McKinney! Unfortunately, because of all the rain we had this past spring, the creek was too high to get into and had a pretty bad current. So we made due with the gorgeous lake that lies right next to the creek! Regan had found a patch of primroses, so we laid out her hair and had some fun with the soft pink flowers. With a laugh, Regan informed us that there were ladybugs everywhere! Apparently she loves ladybugs, and one of them posed with her for a photo, whom she named Morton.

It is easy for us to say that we had an absolutely amazing time with Regan and her mom Nikki, and we hope that Arkansas offers her the very best of years!


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