Welcome to our very first blog post as newborn photographers!

As most people in Frisco know, we are one of the prominent senior photographers in the area. So, we’re sure everyone is wondering: why babies?

Well, it all started with a pregnancy test. My wife, Stacia, brought the fateful stick to me with a smile on her face. “Surprise!” she had said, and I nearly fainted.

Knowing that a baby would change the face of the business, and with how busy Tyler R. Brown Photography had grown, our little staff needed to grow an extra person, so the search was on. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but after a multitude of interviews some interesting and others just not fitting with the needs of the studio, in walked Macy.

Macy was a perfect fit for the studio, and quickly melded into a great assistant with the help of our studio manager, Heather, who is also awesome. Come January of 2015, Stacia was well into her pregnancy when we got some more exciting news: Heather was also pregnant. After having been married to her wonderful husband, Ryan, for a few years, they had decided to start a family of their own and they struck gold. Not only was she pregnant, Heather was informed right after Christmas that she was going to have twins!

Now, you must be thinking what Macy told me she was thinking, there was something in the water at the studio – which is why she began to start drinking bottled water every day. Nevertheless, my sweet little Liam Brown was born on March 4th, 2015 and our team grew in size. From day one I was snapping photos of Liam, but because we became so busy, I asked Macy to take photos of Liam for me while I was out of the studio on sessions or running errands.

As it turned out, Macy fell in love with photographing baby Liam as he played in the studio and with our props. It was then that I had an idea: would it be so crazy to start photographing newborns? At first, Macy was against the idea. We were senior photographers, not newborn photographers. Babies cry and poop themselves, seniors (thankfully) do not, and how the heck would we know if we were any good at it? But I was positive that there was talent there, so I convinced Macy and Heather to give it a shot.

When Heather returned from maternity leave after having her twins, the team set to work. Macy and Heather had our very first newborn session with Ms. Hannah, a newborn of a dear family friend. Of course it was much harder than it looked. Hannah wouldn’t fall asleep, we were still playing with the lights when they had arrived, and one of Hannah’s siblings had an ear infection. But to everyone’s surprise (especially Macy’s), the photos turned out great!

Again, after a little bit of coaxing from me, Macy and Heather agreed to have another session with another family friend, LJ. This session went even better than the first! It was then that Macy finally agreed that there was something truly special about capturing a newborns first couple of photos. She told me that she loved the challenge of posing newborns and laughed along with the older babies when they giggled at the silly faces Heather made at them. It was from there that a passion was born.

Obviously, we’re still learning, but we hope that you are willing to laugh, learn, and grow along with our team, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do!

Which one is your favorite?