They were absolutely everywhere. Our team and models stared in amazement at the mess we had just made, and then we just burst into laughter!

North Dallas 2017 Senior Model Reps Alana, Melissa, and Kailyn met us at the studio in Frisco, Texas for a fun-filled and slightly nostalgic slumber party group session. Equipped with popcorn, pizza, and sodas the seniors shared funny stories about their old slumber parties and talked about how excited they were for the upcoming year.

That’s when our team brought out the big guns: three over-stuffed feather pillows, and permission to make the biggest mess they could! It wasn’t too long before the room was covered in feathers, and although there was some sneezing, it was between laughter and joking. Our models had a blast throwing feathers at each other, taking quick food breaks, and rolling around in the piles of feathers that gathered on the floor!

It was truly the best pillow fight on the planet and a very unique senior photography experience for us and our models! At the end of the afternoon, we were picking feathers out of the models hair and taking selfies in the pillow massacre. We’d be lying if we said our team didn’t get a few hits in ourselves! Did you notice the adorable rag-tie banner in the background? That awesome prop was donated to us by SugarPop Productions, and we just loved the POP of color it added to our photos!

Needless to say, the photos were worth the mess, and we definitely couldn’t keep ourselves from laughing every time a pillow was thrown!


Which one is your favorite?