It's normally Friday night lights, but not this time. This was a Thursday night homecoming game for Lone Star High School.  Cheerleader Shelby  (one of our senior model reps) invited us to come out and photograph the game and of course we were excited to do it.  Check out the image of her with her mum.  Congratulations to the homecoming king and queen and to the team for getting the win.

The game was at FC Dallas Stadium and there were some great moments.  It is really fun to watch the game through a super telephoto lens.  Not only do you get a unique perspective on everything that goes on out there on the field but also on the sidelines.

Lone Star was featured on Fox the other day.  It is great to see Frisco's newest high school getting some publicity.  Check out all of the pictures in the client area of our website.  Also, for any seniors or parents who have yet to book your senior portrait session, be sure to drop us a line from our contact from.

The Lone Star High School Homecoming Queen and King Sonny and Julia.
The Lone Star High School football team takes the field by busting through their banner at FC Dallas Stadium.
Lone Star Cheerleaders with their megaphones and the mums.
Lone Star player, Chris Miller, attempts to block the extra point.
Lone Star student flips over a group of kids laying on the ground.
The Lone Star High School band in the stands at the homecoming game.
Lone Star player celebrates after an interception.
Lone Star High School players take a knee in support for an injured player.

Which one is your favorite?