It is not every day that you meet a senior like Josie Drury from Alvarado High School! We were so pumped for this session because Josie brought Moose, her beautiful blood hound, to her senior shoot! These awesome duo works for a non-profit volunteer organization called Search One Rescue Team, or SORT for short. These amazing people donate their time and effort to helping law enforcement locate missing or lost individuals, and it’s even a family affair! Josie’s mom, Chris, was the one who got Josie into the search and rescue life after finding a love for it in her downtime from being a nurse.

We were in awe of Josie’s sweet and passionate attitude – especially when we know that she’s such a hard worker! As we walked and talked around Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas, Josie told us all about her love for running with her cross country team. She runs long distance at Alvarado High School and sometimes brings Moose along for runs – even though he’s a sweet big lummox!

In order to catch an epic sunset, we headed to our next stop: Mount Zion Cemetery. Josie brought out Moose and we were able to grab a few incredible photos of her and her fur child! The sun left us, and we headed over to the studio because we just couldn’t say bye to this super cool family yet!

Moose got comfy and Josie kept her fierceness flowing as we played with the lights and ran around the studio. We wore poor Moose out, and sent the Drury’s on their way back to Alvarado with smiles all around.

We are so inspired by Josie and Kris’ selfless personalities and how natural Josie was in front of the camera. We know what ever this amazing senior does in the future will be as rock solid as her abs are!



Which one is your favorite?