If you haven’t already recognized this sassy redhead from her other sessions this year, let us introduce Ms. Madi Meyers. Madi joined our senior model team last summer as an Elite Model, and started off her career with us dressed up with Morgan Stewart and Carly Garrett during our Hispter themed session.

We saw Madi again in the fall for her personal session at the gorgeous Luscombe Farms, where we encountered nature at its finest – although somewhat terrifying. We had a blast with Madi and her mom Lynn, and they told us about Madi’s sister, Sami, who attends SFA and is striving to become a special needs teacher.

It was then that we had an idea. Madi is an extremely talented softball player, but as she didn’t have her new uniform yet, she didn’t want to take any photos with her softball gear. The team decided that since Madi was a model with us that we just had to have a mini softball session! Luckily for us, Sami happened to be on leave from school just when Madi was able to get her uniform!

So it was in the brisk air of January that we met up with the Meyers sisters at Lone Star’s Softball Field for a quick session with the lovely ladies. Although it was a little chilly, that didn’t stop Madi from showing us her awesome skill on the field. As a second base player, Madi is always on her toes, and told us that she loves taking over second base.

Thanks to Madi’s coach, Tom Thuman, we had full access to the field. After exhausting every corner of the field (including the dugout) we headed to a small field that lies behind Lone Star’s campus. Unfortunately for our shoes, the field had been freshly plowed and was extremely muddy. We trekked over to a couple of hay bales and with some small effort, got the sisters to sit on top of them for a few photos.

We wrapped things up quickly after the sun went behind the horizon and our team headed back to the car to warm our numb fingers. Even though we were freezing, we were definitely happy with the way the mini session came out and we can’t wait to see the sisters again for their family session in June!



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