It was the craziest thing! Maddie opened one of the books in the Russian Literature section of the book store, and then after a flash of light – she just started to levitate! Obviously, we had to snap a photo of the occurrence!

Just kidding – we’ve been re-reading Harry Potter, so we couldn’t resist setting up a composite image of 2017 Senior Model Rep Maddie Stowers during our recent group session at Recycled Books in Denton, Texas. We had chosen the awesome bookstore for its vintage look as well as the maze-like book shelves that hide the fact that the building used to be North Texas’ most accomplished Opera House.

We were so happy that 2017 Senior Model Rep Alana Wilkison, who we introduced to everyone during our Slumber Party Session, joined Maddie for this session as they worked so well together! The models made the task of trying to stay out of customer’s ways while staying gorgeous and listening to us pose them look easier than it should have been and kept our team laughing all the while. We loved the mysterious look that the bookstore gave the model’s senior pictures and we were so excited to be working with so much talent!

At the end of the session we were walking back to our cars when we spotted the neat clouds overhead. Never one to miss an opportunity, Macy and Heather demanded that we take some photos of the models with the sky, and low and behold they were stunning. And this is just the beginning folks – we’ve got more where this session came from, so keep an eye out!


Which one is your favorite?