When asked what people want most in their lives, normally the answers will range from being rich and famous to being in better shape or falling in love. At the root of all of these desires lies only one fact: everyone just wants to be happy. So how do you achieve this? Ask Prosper High School senior, Chelsea Rhodes.

We met Chelsea through her best friend Regan who had her North Dallas senior photo shoot with us earlier this spring. Although a little unused to being in front of the camera, Chelsea said that she would love to have a photo shoot with us and chose to have a Seniority session which includes three hours and two separate locations of her choice. Before the session, Chelsea told us that three hours sounded like a pretty long time, but she was willing to give it a shot and see how it went.

Chelsea and her mom, Stephanie, met our crew out at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and it’s easy to say that the time just flew by. Before we knew it, we had traversed creeks, danced through a couple of fields, and hiked to the tower at the far end of the preserve. Our first key to being happy? Let go of time, and the pressure of sticking to a schedule. Sometimes the very best things happen when you put down your watch and iPhone and just let life happen.

Figuring that we would want to take some sunset photos at Downtown Prosper, we started to head back to the car. Needless to say, it was quite a long way back, so we began trading stories about shoots, laughing about high school experiences that Chelsea had had, and stopped more than a few times when opportunity called. Second key to happiness: grab the opportunities that appear. More than once, Chelsea bravely jumped into tall grass, and although we were all bitten a few times by ants, chiggers, and possibly unknown bugs we were all always over the moon with the results in the camera!

Finally making it to the car and getting down to Downtown Prosper, we listened to Chelsea excited talk about heading off to school next year at the University of Arkansas and all the awesome things that are ahead of her. Chelsea also spent most of her high school career in Prosper and reminiscence while we photographed her by the grain silos that her and her friends would climb the silos to star gaze and get a great view. So our third and final key to happiness? Look forward to your future while remembering your past. Don’t forget the step that made you who you are, but don’t let them stop you from being excited about what’s around the next bend.

We can definitely say that our team came back from Chelsea’s senior shoot both exhausted but extremely happy and we hope that she has the most amazing time at the University of Arkansas with Regan in the fall!


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