This is sure to be a wedding we will never forget. One thing a photographer must have in order to capture great images is... LIGHT! The afternoon of this wedding, we arrived a little earlier than normal, and it's a good thing we did. The country club had lost power, along with the surrounding neighborhoods. Thankfully, all of the posed pictures were being taken prior to the ceremony. The deck just off of the location of the ceremony turned out to be a great place to photograph the wedding party, friends and family. The late afternoon light was perfect for capturing moments that will last a lifetime for this bride and groom.

As we were taking posed pictures, we were beginning to panic about the lighting for the ceremony, but we were not alone. There was a band that needed power for keyboards and lights for the dance floor. A fully staffed kitchen that had food that was to be prepared, not to mention, how would anyone see the ceremony, as it would be dark? The country club staff had sent out employees to purchase massive amounts of candles and holders of sorts to create light inside where the ceremony was to take place. We strategized about where we could set up remote lights to ensure we captured at least some images during the ceremony.

It was a very romantic, candle-lit wedding. The ceremony itself was wonderful. Kyle and Mara exchanged vows, rings and a kiss. They were announced as husband and wife and the party began. There was drinking, eating, dancing, toasting, and then a lot more dancing!

Congrats Kyle & Mara! Thank you for having us and for putting us on the path of professional photography.


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