Say hello to our 2014 senior, McKenzi Morris, and her boyfriend, Tyler Arnold! McKenzi and Tyler are both students at Allen High School. McKenzi wanted to do some pictures with her boyfriend during her senior portraits session so we did 2-in-1 session! McKenzi, Tyler, McKenzi’s mom, and Tyler’s mom all met us at the studio to start off their session. We took pictures of each senior individually and then did some group shots as well.

After the studio, we stopped in a field to snap some cool pictures of McKenzi and Tyler before we drove on over to Frisco Square. We are normally only focus on one senior at a time so it was fun posing McKenzi and Tyler together with some of the backgrounds and props that Frisco Square has to offer.

We had a good time photographing these seniors and getting to know them a little better. We wish them both luck as they travel this summer and start new adventures this fall.


Which one is your favorite?