This gorgeous blonde hair blue eyed 2014 Senior Model Rep from McKinney North High School is Hadlie. Hadlie is not only on her high school soccer team, but she also plays for FC Dallas in Frisco! As usual, her senior portraits session started off in the studio and we had a great time photographing this fun soccer player and her large collection of cowboy boots. We photographed Hadlie in various outfits including her soccer jerseys, dresses and her patriotic outfit while surrounding her with props from soccer balls to balloons and her boot collection.

Once it was time to head out we decided to go to Lake Lewisville for some cool water portraits. We brought along our trunk, old wooden red chair, and some balloons for props. Heather had the challenge of securing the chair in the shallows and she swears she got bit by something in the water! Once everything was set up and Hadlie was in the water though... Well, you can see the portraits! Just gorgeous! Once we got a good amount of shots in the water, Hadlie changed again and we took some shots with her Texas flag and yellow Camaro, who she says is NOT Bumble Bee from Transformers.

Overall, we had a great session with Hadlie and we can't wait to get more great portraits of her. Be sure to ask Hadlie about her model rep cards in you're interested in booking your session with us!


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