If you think that modeling is as easy as it looks, then Riley, Lauren, and Sophie could tell you a thing or two.

Thankfully, these lovely ladies have modeling experience. While Riley and Sophie are a part of our 2016 Senior Model Team, Lauren had a Model for a Day session with us earlier this year. Normally, we wouldn’t ask models outside of our Senior Model team to join us on a group shoot, but Lauren is Riley’s best friend and it was her birthday!

The seniors from Liberty High School and Flower Mound High School met us at the Dallas Arboretum on a cloudy afternoon in February. Even though it was overcast, our team was still very excited for the shoot and the arboretum was in full bloom. With a blanket and books in tow, we scouted out an area to set up a picnic and had the models pose with a few of our team’s favorite books.

With spring coming early this year, we were delighted by the beauty of our models and the flowers that surrounded them. We came upon a still infinity fountain, that, of course, Riley wanted to disturb. So regardless of her gorgeous dress, in she went! Our team convinced her to stay on the most shallow step, and Sophie and Lauren hopped in with her for a few stunning photos in the water.

We loved running around with these 2016 seniors and we are so excited for Sophie’s personal session so keep an eye out for it!



Which one is your favorite?