Everyone has a starting point and ours was with Ms. Hannah. Born to a dear friend of Tyler and Stacia’s you could argue that Hannah was part of the reason we started to photograph little bundles of joy.

Not wanting to take the traditional route of photographing newborns in their birthday suit, Hannah’s mom brought adorable pink knit diaper cover and a matching headband. While her brother and sister played with a few of the toys we keep at the studio, we photographed Hannah all snuggled up in her grandmother’s blanket. Although Hannah was not interested in falling asleep for us, we managed to grab some precious photos of her.

After some minor bribery, we managed to get her brother, Nicholas, and her sister, Emma, to pose with Hannah. You would know this was not an easy task as reigning in a 3 year-old and a 1 ½ year-old for a photograph is a feat in of itself.

We can’t wait to see Hannah again for her 6 months photo and to watch her grow as we do!



Which one is your favorite?