Myrna Phillips is a jewelry and accessories designer based right here in Dallas and when she approached us to put together a catalog shoot for her new line of products, we were very excited to help out.  Myrna's work is amazing, and can been seen here being worn by Carrie Underwood!  Her introduction in Vegas went really well and I anticipate you will be seeing her work all over the place very soon!

We started this commercial photography shoot by doing some planning.  We scoured the Internet for some models and coordinated an amazing studio session.  It was by far the most people we have ever had in our Studio at one time.  With Whitney providing professional hair and make-up, four gorgeous models running around, Myrna, and her husband Randy, me, Stacia, Heather, and a few of their friends, we had the placed packed!  It was exciting, and a whole lot of fun.  The images are amazing.  Myrna was very hands on during the session and shooting tethered to a computer allowed her to see what we were getting real time.  That alone made a huge difference on direction, and artistic input.

These last two months preparing for the show and the "introduction" have been crazy busy for Randy and I. "Working" with you guys has made it incredibly fun and easy, you removed so much stress off us, thank you for that! I'm truly grateful.

-Mryna Phillips

Model, Suzanne, is absolutely gorgeous, as she wears a Botin piece, on our white seamless background.
Jennifer wears a pretty Rella, with her black dress and heels, in our studio.

Which one is your favorite?