When you live in Texas, you never know what the weather is going to do. Although we had a 20% chance of precipitation – which in North Texas that could mean rain, sleet, snow, hail, frogs, etc. – our team was confident that our biggest photo shoot to date would go off without a hitch. With our models safely buckled, and some others following, we led a caravan down to Denton Square – a staple of DFW.

Lovingly known as the ‘Lil' d’, Denton is a sweet contrast to the busy downtown of Dallas. Although it’s far from quiet, you’ll find that the college town has a lot to offer visitors with it’s neat shops, quirky atmosphere, our favorite ice cream place Beth Marie’s, and a busker or two when there isn’t live music being played on the rooftop of LSA Burger or in front of the courthouse.

We luckily found parking – something that is not so different from being in downtown Dallas, and began photographing our many talented seniors near the Campus Movie Theater turned actual theatre. There was a lot of laughing, snap-chatting, and of course modeling going on, when all of the sudden a dark cloud that had been a little north of us started drifting our way. Thinking we would be safe, we moved closer to the courthouse and under some cover to photograph a few more single shots, but we knew that we would need to seek better coverage as soon as a huge raindrop plopped on to our camera.

Making a break for it, our team rushed across the street to Beth Marie’s, and everyone pulled out the weather radar. Luckily, all was not lost as the team at Beth Marie’s is always super friendly, and allowed our slightly soaked team to continue photographing in their store while we waited out the storm. The storm ended up only taking 20 minutes to pass, so we treated our awesome seniors to some homemade ice cream and freshly made waffle cones!

When it looked safe, we carefully moved outside to find that the storm had indeed moved on and we could continue on our shoot! We’re so glad we did too, because we found the infamous Purple Door of Denton! Although we won’t tell you where it is, because you have to find it for yourself, we will tell you that we got plenty of photos with the relic and explored the area a bit further. Some of our braver seniors found an open fire escape and clambered up a few floors for some photos that could make the cast of Westside Story jealous! We also ran into some interesting characters and we were able to nab photos of each of our amazing models before the humidity got to us and we had to bid adieu to our models.

We loved having such a big group of models to work with, and we have more to come this year!


Which one is your favorite?