In 2011 we photographed a beautiful young lady from Centennial High School, Emily Rhodes. We had an awesome time photographing her so you can imagine how excited we were when she called us about senior pictures for her younger brother, James! Having worked with us before, Emily knew what to expect, and it was a delight getting to see her again.

We met James and Emily in Deep Ellum and walked the streets capturing some cool portraits of James with a multitude of textured and grunge, backgrounds. James even had his friend bring his motorcycle to us so he could take some cool pictures with his bike as well. They say motorcycles are good for attracting the girls and that’s just what happened when a woman decided to join James for a couple pictures! We had a good laugh and moved on to The West End in Downtown Dallas where we captured some more great portraits of James with and without his motorcycle.

It was a great session and we are so happy we were able to photograph a younger sibling of a past senior!


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