To say that high school football in Texas is a big deal, is a BIG understatement! With fun TV shows like Friday Night Lights – a show actually based in a small Texas town – and the excitement that invades the entire school on game days, it’s no wonder that this all American game can spark such a passion for competition.

And let us tell you – there is A LOT of competition. As our team gathered on the beautiful turf field of the University of North Texas'; newest football shrine, Apogee Stadium, our senior model rep team was already debating the scores, plays, and teams of last year’s Frisco high school football season. As most know, Lone Star High School made it all the way to the state championships last season and had a record making season. We don’t have Senior Model Reps just from Lone Star though, so there was a lot of debate about how the season would play out this year, and some friendly banter about the chances of the other schools to make it to state.

Our model team may be dominated by beautiful young ladies, but our one male senior model rep can proudly say that he holds his own on our team! Logan Jones is a Lone Star High School senior, and, you guessed it, a senior on their football team as well. He’s confident that this year they will make it back to state, and this time they will take over!

We are lucky enough to have a large variety of seniors on our model team this year! We have cheerleaders, dancers, trainers, football players, volleyball players, theater kids, and spectators that are more than excited to see some football action. So, we decided to take it to the field.

For all of five minutes. For anyone who’s ever been on football turf in the middle of July – it is HOT. From the mouth of one of our own team members: “My feet are melting in my shoes…”

It didn’t take us to long to realize that we were all moments away from a heatstroke, so we took it into the shade of the bleachers. While our team fiddled with some technical issues and downed a few bottles of water our senior model rep team lounged in the relatively cool shade of Apogee stadium. Most of them being from other schools and meeting for the first time, snapchats, tweets, and instagrams were exchanged and a few friendships were made.

We were so excited to be able to step on the hallowed ground of the Mean Green turf, and so thankful for the amazing staff at the stadium for helping us get on to the field (Meagan, you ROCK!)! To say that our excitement for football season to start is the equivalent of seeing a pick off of the other team to a winning touchdown – would be accurate and well deserved!


Which one is your favorite?