We held our first model rep meeting of the school year this past Sunday for our 2014 senior model reps and their friends! We were missing a couple model reps but, overall, it was a great turnout. The studio was set up, music was playing throughout, slideshows of our seniors were playing on the TVs and computers, and Tyler had his camera in hand as the models started showing up. Everyone found a seat and we started getting to know each other while the groups took turns taking fun pictures with Tyler. Once everyone was introduced we started the festivities! Our theme of the night was “Minute to Win it” and the games were hilarious. All of our model reps and their friends took turns playing each game and the one with the quickest time was the winner.

Our first game, Tilt a Cup, was a good ice breaker and got everyone laughing and loosened up. Our model rep from McKinney North high school, Hadlie, was the winner of the first game and she received a gift card to Starbucks! The second game we played was Flip Your Lid, a game where you had to flip a cup onto a glass root beer bottle. This one was a tough one but everyone fought through and Lindsay’s guest, Morgan, won the game and received a gift card to Starbucks as well. We took a short break to head downstairs for some delicious fajitas, salsa, chips and queso, and even some Oreos.

Once everyone was done eating and chatting we headed back upstairs for our next game, Defying Gravity. In this game you have to keep 3 balloons off the ground using any part of your body without actually holding onto them. You might think, “that sounds easy!” Trust me; we thought the same thing and boy were we wrong! This game proved to be much harder than we had expected but, nonetheless, we had a tie between Hadlie and Marissa. They battled it out in a tie breaker and Hadlie walked away with a second Starbucks gift card! Next, we played a game called Candelier where you stack empty cans in an upside down pyramid with paper plates in between. The girls did way better than the guys with this game and the winner was our Lone Star high school model rep, Shelby! She got a gift card to Cinemark. Our last game of the afternoon was Junk in Your Trunk. Everyone had to tie an empty tissue box to their lower back and jump around, dance, shake, or whatever it took to get 8 ping pong balls out of the box. This game was, by far, the most embarrassing, hilarious, and exciting game of them all! We ended up with our second tie of the afternoon between Hadlie’s guest, Mason, and Marissa’s guest, Bree. So, we added 8 more balls to each of their boxes and, after a little circling around each other, they both shook like they had both been shocked at the same time. Mason came out the winner in the end and won a gift card to Cinemark.

We had such a blast with everyone that was able to make the meeting and we can’t wait to schedule the next one! A huge shout out to all of our model reps for being awesome and coming on their Sunday afternoon even though most of them had tons of homework. Also, thanks to their guests for tagging along and participating in the activities. It was great getting to know everyone a little better!


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