Tyler looked stunned and then busted out laughing as Madeline, a senior at Liberty High School, tried to explain that a corn gap is where she and fellow Senior Model Reps Mandi and Lizzie were currently standing. “You know, like a gap in the corn field that doesn’t have any spiders. Like, #corngap is the best.” That did it, at that point the entire team was cracking up in hysterical laughter.

While the studio is a fantastic place to be, it was a gorgeous day outside so we cut our time short in our personal studio and headed out towards Downtown Prosper. While on our way there, we came across a road that was shut down. Normally, this is bad news, but for a photographer a road being shut down means no cars, and no cars means an awesome background! Unfortunately for the turtles, the road wasn’t shut down while they made their way across and our models had to dodge what Mandi called ‘turtle bits’ while using the deserted road as a runway.

Continuing our trek to Prosper, Tyler spotted a corn field and pulled a u-turn – upsetting a minivan and annoying a loud soccer mom (sorry!). After a little convincing, our brave models jumped into the field, narrowly missing running into a banana spider’s web. Using the back of his Volkswagen as a stool, Tyler was able to capture the vast cornfield and the beautiful Texas sky that stretched out over it. Not bad scenery for a Country Chic themed session!

You might recognize Madeline from our Rock n’ Roll themed shoot back in May, but Mandi, a senior from Heritage High School, and Lizzie, a senior from Lone Star High School were rookies – although they didn’t look like it! We stopped off for gas at a station outside of Prosper, and the models found somewhere to change. While picking out what clothes to wear, Madeline asked which kind of country we were going for and then proceeded to list off fourteen different types that she could embody. Did we mention that Madeline is into theater? Lizzie laughed and said she gets to experience all 14 kinds at her job at Rudy’s BBQ – a personal favorite of Macy’s.

Mandi is a competitive cheerleader so when we got to Downtown Prosper, there wasn’t much these girls weren’t willing to climb on for a photo! We happened upon a graffiti sign on one of the silos of the grain mill that read ‘Small Town, Big Heart’ and we obviously needed a photo with the big gorgeous sign.

Lucky for us, the day was long and cool – for a Texas summer in any case – and we had three absolutely gorgeous models to work with! All-in-all it was a great day for photography!



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