It was like any normal session. We started off in the brilliant sunlight of a Saturday afternoon in Texas at the Hidden Cove camping grounds, and as the sunset, we lit a campfire and brought out the marshmallows. Little did we know what the dark shadows of the night would bring to our senior’s shoot.

Four of our gorgeous 2017 models met us at the studio and caravanned to the stunning Hidden Coves camping ground in The Colony, Texas. This was a new location to us, and we were so excited to get started! With a sunny day and a lot of ground to cover, our team set to work posing on the natural landscape as well as with other fun objects we found around the large camping grounds.

Although we were a little bug bitten and muddy from all of the recent rain, everyone was in high spirits when we settled at an area to build a fire and roast some marshmallows. While waiting for the sun to set, the models told our team about school and their different experiences as most of them did not go to school together.

It was while we first started making s’mores that we heard it. There were some…splashes coming from the lake behind us. At first we figured it was just a couple of ducks roosting for the night. But as it got darker, the splashes became louder, bigger, and much, much closer to shore. Trying not to panic, we moved a few yards away from our fire in the direction of our cars and lit some sparklers.

Forgetting about the ominous splashes, we had a blast drawing different shapes, numbers, and words with the sparklers. It wasn’t until we were almost done that we heard a sound that make the hair on the back of our necks stand up. A low hissing sound came from the water and what sounded like something being drug onto the shore. Having seen plenty of horror movies to know that the last one by the lake gets eaten first, our crew bolted up the side of the hill to the cars – with our photographer in the lead. We decided that we had gotten more than enough photos that day and that it was time to leave, and let the…whatever it was have its campground back. We doused our fire (safety first!) and jumped in the cars without much ceremony.

Later it was pointed out that it may not have been Jason Voorhees or even an alligator, but possibly a nutria (aka a giant water rat that resembles a beaver) and that we were in absolutely no danger. That wouldn’t have convinced our crew though, and especially not Macy whom we were sure we’ve never seen run so fast in her life!


Which one is your favorite?