As best friends go, Taylor and Cheyenne are in that category of ‘life-long’ best friends. The lovely ladies have known each other since kindergarten and that fact was very obvious to our team during their best friend session!

You should recognize Taylor from our Coffee Shop photo shoot with Annie and Maddie! We had so much fun with our 2017 models that day, and we knew that meeting Taylor's best friend was going to be a hoot. Boy we're we right!

We met in Downtown Prosper, and strolled around the cute streets of Downtown Prosper. We had the friends make silly faces at us, talk about their favorite things about one another, and just had a relaxing time all around.

To switch things up after a bit, we headed to the silos down the street and the fields that surround them. Because of all of the rain, there were the most beautiful wildflowers scattered through the fields. One in particular, the evening primrose, has a pollen that some of our team is semi-allergic to! Although there was some sneezing and a lot of pollen, we made it work and got some remarkable photographs of these amazing seniors!

Everyone should get to remember their best friend when their a senior in high school, and we’re just so happy we were able to memorialize this time for Taylor and Cheyenne!


Which one is your favorite?