A popular spot in Dallas, Texas for senior photos is the gorgeous Dallas Arboretum where you can see all of the stunning flowers and water features that they have to offer! The only downside is that the arboretum closes at 5pm – which most people know that from the months of March – November means that we will be shooting at the hottest time of the day. That didn’t deter Alvarado High School senior, Taylor Raby, though – and we are so glad it didn’t!

Taylor, her mom, her nephew, and her boyfriend all met us at the studio on a bright Saturday morning for hair and makeup. We chatted about the beautiful day, as well as the heat which for a Saturday in November was in the 90’s (Texas, right?). We geared up and headed out to the arboretum. Because it was such a lovely day, it was very busy at the arboretum – but Taylor handled it like a champion and when people stopped to stare at us taking photos she just waved at them and smiled!

After dodging a wedding, doing a sneaky quick change, and walking the entire arboretum, we all opted to cool off in the air conditioning and head over to Taylor’s second location of choice: Prairie Creek Park in Richardson, Texas.

It was a bit smelly at the creek as it hadn’t rained in a while, but that didn’t stop Taylor from dipping her toes in the chilly water so that we could get some lovely photos of her playing in the water! Smelly or not, Prairie Creek Park is an awesome spot for photos and we played around in the rocks, waterfalls, and the wooded area.

After a full day of playing in the woods and getting a nose full of smelly creek, we headed back off to the studio and sent our lovely model and crew home with smiles on their faces and great memories!


Which one is your favorite?