After passing the same tree for the third time, we could definitely agree that we were lost. But it was the good kind of lost. It was the kind of lost where you have an amazing North Dallas senior, a camera, and a crew that was down for jumping into creeks or hiding in the bushes to get just the right kind of light.

When 6’4” Little Elm High School senior, Austin Carter, walked up to us at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve we can definitely say we were a little surprised. It’s not every day that you get to photograph someone a full foot taller than you! Austin kindly laughed at our surprise and said that everyone tended to be surprised at his height the first time they met him. His mother, Julie, was with him and after a quick overview of a plan for his session our team headed out into the woods.

Little did we know that by taking a right down a trail that we normally take a left on would lead us deeper into the woods as opposed to taking us back to our cars like we had planned. Our team treated it like an adventure, and we explored parts of Arbor Hills that we had not seen before and stopped to photograph Austin in the neater parts!

We eventually found our way back the cars and caravanned over to Downtown Prosper to catch the sunset. Austin has a very cool gray Dodge Challenger that has a black racing stripe – so we obviously had to use it in his photos! As the sun set, Austin donned his Missouri Southern gear for a few photos. He told us that he is going to play football for them in the fall and that he is playing with the idea of studying Physical Therapy but that there are other subjects on the table!

We wish the very best for Austin next year, and we hope to see him throwing some awesome passes in a few of his games!


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