It’s not often that we have clients whose neighborhoods are so beautiful that you want to photograph them in it! Raven Donner, a senior this year at Frisco High School, came to us for a Model for a Day session which means she gets unlimited locations along with more than six hours of session time with our team. She had one unusual request: that we take some photos of her in her neighborhood. Now, Raven doesn’t live in just any neighborhood. Raven lives in Willow Pond – a sprawling neighborhood with pockets of gorgeous fountains, ponds, and beautiful landscaping. As we drove through Willow Pond, Raven pointed out her house and we stopped at a nearby oasis of trees surround a pond to grab a few quick shots of Raven in the afternoon light.

As we headed to Downtown Prosper for round two, Raven told our team that she was a ‘theater-kid’ at school. This surprised us as when we first met her, Raven was pretty quiet and reserved. But as the day went on, we could see that side of her fading into the personality of a rising actress. When asked what her favorite play was, she hesitated and then told our team “Well, there are just too many to choose from, I have quite a few but I can’t ever pick just one!”

As the evening came to a close, we scooted over to Frisco Square to catch the glittering Christmas lights that are up for the season. Raven looked stunning against the fountain on Main St. and our team marveled at how perfect her hair looked – even after six hours of running around North Dallas with our team!

We are so excited to see where Raven’s journey takes her and we wish her all the best in the world!



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