Taylor, a senior at Liberty High School, started off in a blaze of color in our studio, impressing us with her golden locks and bright smile. Our two other models that day: Logan, a senior at McKinney High School; and Cora, a senior at Richardson High School; hopped into the frame and the ladies went to town taking selfies and enjoying each other’s style as they posed their way across our studio.

Erica Rodriguez is one of our talented hair and makeup artists who can be booked for photo sessions with us. She is the artist that helped our beautiful models look their best for this shoot!

Our models donned white outfits and cowboy boots and we set out for Frisco Square, the feeling of antiquity gave a great contrast to the ladies’ pristine outfits. Logan, a soccer player and athletic trainer, really stands out when we can see her hazel eyes piercing the camera lens.

The ladies were loco about the engine in the middle of the Square and even climbed to the top - all three conducted themselves as if they were born on the rails, and were all aboard! Okay, we’ll stop before we get derailed. (Sorry, we could not help ourselves...)

We wrapped up our shoot on the shores of Lewisville Lake in Little Elm, Texas. The first to brave the shores of the lake was our cheerleader, Cora. Though her toes were covered in lake slime, Cora stuck it out and we were able to use the last rays of the sunset to capture some truly magnificent moments of all three of our amazing senior model reps.

Cora, Logan, and Taylor did a great job and we cannot wait to see what the future holds in store for these strong young women! We wish them all of the luck in the world as they finish out their high school careers and head for adult life!


Which one is your favorite?