This stunning senior model rep didn’t actually fall into the creek at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve – she willingly (and quite gracefully we might add) laid down in the cold creek for a unique photo op.

Lone Star High School senior Morgan Stewart is not a stranger to hard work. With a spring in her step, she waltzed into our studio, smile on her face and hair up in a ponytail. Morgan told our team while one of our hair and makeup artists was working her magic that not only is she a senior for her drill team, the Rangerettes, but that she also works part-time at Chick-fil-A! She told us that although it’s a lot of work that she likes her coworkers and she wouldn’t trade anything for the good-times with the other Rangerettes.

You would think Morgan would be tired after all of that and running after her two adorable little brothers, but Morgan’s mom, Melissa, just smiled when our team asked and said that Morgan just had a spark in her that never really goes out. We can agree because as we hiked around the vast nature preserve, Morgan was the only one of the group that wasn’t huffing and puffing by the time the sun set.

After capturing some fantastic photos with the beautiful Texas sunset, Morgan sprang an idea on us. She asked if she could get into the creek. We of course thought it was a fabulous idea - that is until she started to lay down in it! Morgan laughed at our team when we were surprised that she would be ok getting her hair wet, and reassured us that the photos were going to be awesome. And she was absolutely right! Although she told us it was a little cold and rocky, Morgan looked flawless as the creek flowed around her and through her hair.

Knowing we couldn’t top that, we bade farewell to our brave beauty and headed back to the studio to dry off. Morgan is a great member of our 2016 Senior Model Rep team, and we can definitely say that we love having her!


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