Bluebonnets are a Texas staple, and they can be quite fickle at times. Fortunately for us, we found the perfect location to put our blond beauty. It was at Mt. Zion Cemetery in the middle of a field full of the gorgeous indigo flowers, although we did have a little competition from the other bluebonnet seekers!

Kelsey Auldridge, a senior at Berkner High School, and her mother Mary met our team out at Towne Lake Park to begin her seniority session with us. Towne Lake Park has a beautiful and rusty bridge that Kelsey and her mom had fallen in love with, so after taking a few stunning photographs on the bridge, Kelsey bravely made her way down into the little creek that ran under it. Bare footed and with a resolve that could stop wars, Kelsey waded into the somewhat murky water, and boy did it make a gorgeous photo!

As our team was doing its best to climb back up the bank of the river – Macy having more trouble than most should, being as graceful as she is – we heard a cry of surprise and saw a flash of golden light. It was Jordan Whittle, one of our senior model reps, who you may recognize from her personal session with us or her group session with Myrna Phillips! Jordan was a blaze of gold and glitter in an elegant evening gown, and she was on her way to prom when her group happened to stop at Towne Lake Park to grab some quick pictures. We nabbed a few of our prom princess while Kelsey went off to change for her next location and wished Jordan a happy night.

Heading towards Mt. Zion Cemetery to capture those infamous bluebonnets, a dirt road caught Tyler’s eye so we pulled over to find the perfect spot for a few senior portraits! Donning a flower crown, Kelsey perched on the end of a hay bale and Tyler got to work. While becoming a master of posing, Kelsey told us that she is very involved in her high school orchestra and plays the violin! We were impressed as our team is not exactly talented in the music department – but you can’t be good at everything, right? Kelsey also proudly told us that she was going to be a longhorn in the fall! So not only does this girl have the looks, but she has musical talent AND brains?! It would be an understatement to say that this TRB senior could rule the world.

A magnificent and sunny day, a prom sighting, a bridge, and some bluebonnets really made this DFW senior photography shoot something special! We wish Kelsey the best at UT Austin in the fall!


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