Texas weather being Texas weather, the summer this year lasted much longer than it normally does. We had a few cold front pop through, but because there was not a full freeze, the evil mosquitos that plague Dallas never really died. So when we decided to explore an abandoned building in Downtown Celina for Wakeland High School senior Jake Ellsworth, it shouldn’t have surprised us that not even bug spray could keep us safe.

We met Jake on the square in Downtown Celina for the beginning of his session with his mom, LaDon. Jake told us that he’s into rap music and is interested in going into the film industry. We were walking around Downtown Celina taking photos when we found an old building that looked like an abandoned factory. Trying to be adventurous, we went in through a hole in the side of the building, and took a look around. It was very cool – however we were almost immediately surrounded hundreds of mosquitos! Needless to say, we exited quickly!

Once we recovered from our near death experience, we headed over to Downtown Prosper. With some luck, there was a train passing through the small town and along with the sunset, it made for some spectacular photos!

Even though we almost met certain death, we had such a good time with Jake and his mom and we hope to do it again with his little brother next year!


Which one is your favorite?