There are few people in this world that are as sweet as John Paul II high school senior, Kaitlyn Batson. With a face full of freckles, Kaitlyn told our team that she’s always trying to keep a smile on our face, and she easily put one on ours!

After a short warm-up in the studio, Kaitlyn led our team around Downtown McKinney in the cool fall air. With some neat textured walls and old brick, we found the perfect backdrops for Kaitlyn’s North Dallas senior portrait session. Not only is she absolutely stunning, but Kaitlyn is smart and athletic – did you know she used to play lacrosse? We didn’t!

Kaitlyn also loves her car. We took the opportunity to snag a few photos of her adorable Honda on an abandoned dirt road. Kaitlyn even bravely climbed to the roof of her car and put a smile back on her face, even when she thought she might fall!

As the sun set we bade farewell to the wonderful senior and her mother, and excitedly headed back to the studio so we could take a look at the awesome photos we had caught!



Which one is your favorite?