Our team can definitely say that we all almost melted during this one, folks. Allison Lewis is probably the toughest senior we have on the team this year – and she can look amazing even in a million layers of chiffon in Texas in the middle of July.

We started out the day at our studio in Frisco, Texas, in the wonderful air conditioning. After getting her hair and makeup done by our team, Allison joined us in the studio for some head-shots and some pool time in the back in one of her old prom dresses! Trying not to fall in and ruin her hair do, we posed Allison among the waterfalls and in the steps of the pool, and she definitely looked like a mermaid!

The team stayed relatively cool until Allison donned a gorgeous red prom dress that stunned everybody. Unfortunately, chiffon and rhinestones don’t feel so wonderful in 100 degree weather, and it wasn’t long until we all felt warm just by looking at Allison. We were able to capture some amazing photos of Allison before she melted and got her to change before she had a heat stroke!

We ended our day at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and although we missed the sunset due to some wardrobe malfunctions, we were still able to capture the beautiful colors of twilight as the world cooled down from the day’s heat. We absolutely love this tough girl from De Leon High School and we can’t wait to photographer her and her sister in November, so keep an eye out for the blog post!


Which one is your favorite?