Okay so this was one of the best times we have ever had as professional photographers and the results, well in single word, amazing! Hannah and her sisters met up with us at our studio here in Frisco, TX where we had our white seamless setup all ready to go for her planned “light” session. The concept was to shoot for complete subject isolation against a stark white background. We really wanted to do something special to kick off the 2011 high school senior year, and we thought this was just the trick. We haven’t see a lot of other photographers trying this, so once again, something completely new, and wow, it worked out so well!

I love how Hannah just appears to be suspended in space for these. We took so many photographs, we had to, I think Hannah brought most of her wardrobe! :) We really loved the traditional Indian dresses she brought, the variety made the session special, and sharing it with her hilarious sisters made it all the more fun as well.

Together with her “dark” senior session this makes a perfect set of senior portraits, and the product possibilities are endless. We will be able to create some wonderful books, accordion books, gallery wraps, and fine art prints from nearly every one of these. Really exciting! We have a few new products in the works, but we haven’t officially announced them yet, so stay tuned to find out all about our new and exciting product line-up.

Hannah is a senior at Sunnyvale High School, and she is all set to graduate in 2011.

If you are a senior or a senior parent, and you are looking for something completely different from all of the rest, then come see what we can do.

Thanks again ladies for making the trek all the way up to Frisco, Texas for this incredibly fun high school senior portrait session. I hope you had as much fun as we did, or at least got some good studying in! :) Seriously, having your friends or family around like that really does help the “keep it real” factor. It makes a big difference to the outcome, so thanks again! Check out more of Hannah here!


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