One of the goals for the Boy Scouts of America is to make sure their scouts are “Prepared.For.Life”. This means that they learn a ton of different skills and earn patches as they master these different skills and techniques that help them in their lives. Whether it’s camping or sewing – once they master enough skills, these awesome scouts earn the title of Eagle Scout – the highest honor in the society. And our new favorite Eagle Scout is Frisco High School senior, Ben Whytlaw!

We had Ben’s seniority session on a warm day last fall, and we started at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Frisco, Texas. This gorgeous old site is a historical landmark and typically has wildflowers and tall grass to frolic around in. Although there was no frolicking, Ben showed us some of his patches and he had earned over the years and spoke about how excited he was for the future!

Downtown Prosper was our next stop – and lucky for us there was a large amount of building materials for us to play around with – safely of course. At one point, our team had turned around and Ben had disappeared! Confused, and a little worried, we hunted around for him until we heard some laughter coming from a large pipe. Ben had snuck inside of one of the pipes to take a quick break from taking photos, but was more than willing to pose in the old pipe for a few pictures!

We loved working with the awesome Whytlaw family and we hope that Ben has an amazing time at school next year!



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