To say that our team is made up of a bunch of Star Wars fanatics, fantasy novel readers, and foodies is an understatement. So when Jadzia approached us and asked if we could not only include her light saber in her senior pictures, but go to her favorite pizza place and let her cosplay as a Audrey Hepburn – we absolutely said yes!

Jadzia met us after school one day to get her hair and makeup done by one of our amazing hair and makeup artists – a perk of being a senior model rep for 2017! We joked about her sister, Chabeli, who was also a senior model rep for our studio back in 2014 and talked about the movies that were coming out soon. Jadzia is a big theater/film buff and wants to pursue a degree in RTVF next fall when she heads off to school.

As someone who is heavily involved in theater, Jadzia told our team about the wonderful theater department at Lone Star High School where she is attending her final year of school. They are putting on the classic Romeo and Juliet, and Jadzia is playing Romeo’s best friend, Mercutio! If you’re interested in seeing this awesome model rep work her acting chops you can see her on stage at the end of this month!

Our first stop was the Cinemark in Frisco Square. It occurred to our team how neat it would be to have some photos of this theater senior in an actual theater! The manager on call gave us a weird look but gave us permission to sneak into an empty theater for a few shots. We got what we needed, grabbed some popcorn and headed across the street to Pizzeria Testa, Jadzia’s favorite pizza place.

Of course it was busy at Pizzeria Testa, but the wait staff was very kind and let us sit on the back patio so we could grab some photos of Jadzia with her pizza! Once she had her fill, we jumped in the car and headed over to Mt. Zion Cemetery off of 423. We were all a little sleepy from the heat though, so we stopped in at the Starbucks to grab some joe – and even got a few photos of Jadzia dressed as the lovely Audrey Hepburn!

We eventually got over to Mt. Zion Cemetery – just as the sun was going down – and we were able to use the rest of the beautiful light to capture some nature-esque photos of our gorgeous model.

This senior session was definitely one for the books! Keep a look out for more of our awesome senior model reps – they’re absolutely amazing!


Which one is your favorite?