Forever fearless, Elite Model Lauren Johnson balanced precariously on the ledge. The last time we saw this gorgeous young lady, she had climbed up a wall at Addison Circle, and now she was walking the line between an amazing photo and disaster.

Lauren comes to us from quaint Kingston, Oklahoma, where she is a cheerleader at Kingston High School. Not only is Lauren a cheerleader – she is an All-State Cheerleader. Oh, and did we mention this girl can sing? As she was getting her hair and makeup done by one of our talented hair and makeup artists, Lauren told our team that she was really excited to see how they did at state this year!

You would think all of that talent would go to a girls head, but this senior is one of the most humble, honest, and down to earth seniors we’ve met. While shooting in the studio, Lauren let her bubbly personality flow out and infected us all with smiles and jokes.

With her letter jacket on, we hiked around the cute pond at the Shops at Legacy, getting a few vintage photos of this modern day girl. As the sunset, we broke out the big guns: sparklers. Many photographers will tell you how hard it is to photograph in weird lighting situations – like when our models hold sparklers – but Lauren made it easy for us with her awesome posing skills!

Although the sun had left the sky, we weren’t ready to be done with Lauren quite yet. The Shops at Legacy has this awesome fountain over by one of our team’s favorite restaurant (Mexican Sugar – Macy says to try their queso, it is delicious) that lights up in a gorgeous array of colors. Our fearless senior jumped up on the ledge of the fountain in her heels and nearly fell in! Luckily, being a cheerleader must give you great balance, because Lauren caught herself and started to laugh at our terrified expressions. We had a fantastic time with the lovely Lauren and we can’t wait to see how her senior year unfolds!


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