You would have thought we started the largest dust storm on the planet with the way the powder floated across the fields and down the street towards the lake. It was a colorful cloud though and it was followed by laughter and excitement as our 2017 Senior Model Reps and their friends assaulted each other with Holi Powder – the powder they use at the infamous Color Run as well as the Holi Festival in India.

Holi powder is not only environmentally safe, but it doesn’t stain, and is safe to get in your mouth – which we can say was happening quite a bit. Although some of our awesome seniors came away with colorful teeth, we couldn’t stop laughing and showering each other in color.

Our team even joined in near the end with our intern running through the colors with our go pro, and the seniors dousing one of our photographers in a rainbow of powder! We had a blast hanging out for the afternoon with our team and it was truly the perfect kick off to this new and amazing year!


Which one is your favorite?