Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon; The opening lines of Auld Lang Syne seem a little morbid, but when you think about it, it’s actually quite beautiful. It means letting go of your past and celebrating the new times ahead. You can let go of your worries, and have a chance at making the change for the better. Did you know that January 1st was chosen for the first day of the New Year because it is light precisely the same amount of time it is dark. Our seniors chose to celebrate this occasion with us in our studio in Frisco, Texas with pizza from Pizza Hut, cupcakes, and a lot of sparkle!

As our seniors began to arrive, we had them write down their personal resolutions on a big piece of card board. Resolutions are a popular tradition world around that individuals adopt in the hopes of improving their lives. Bella Deen, a senior at McKinney North High School said that she’d like to eat out less, while Jaicee Morriss, a senior at Little Elm High School, set a resolution to get a scholarship for college!

Now, normally we don’t allow glitter in our studio, but as it was New Year’s Eve, glitter is an essential staple of the holiday. Our Senior Model Reps looked absolutely fabulous in sequined dresses and dazzling heels – as said by one of our own staff (an alumni for a Panhellenic sorority) “You can NEVER have enough glitter!” Our studio looked like someone had dropped a confetti bomb! Fortunately, we cleaned it all up before our patient and loving boss made it home from a business trip.

After biting into the delicious cupcakes made by our Graphic Designer and Studio Manager, Heather, the seniors were feeling a little mischievous and had a cupcake fight, laughing as they shoved white icing and sprinkles into each other’s faces. Shannon, a senior at Ursuline Academy, really got a good taste of a cupcake that Bella smashed into her face, and Madison, a senior at Lone Star High School, was just covered in icing! Who said girls don’t like to get a little messy every once and a while?

Our Associate Photographer, Macy, had a great time photographing these lovely seniors, as they brought in the New Year. We here at Tyler R. Brown Photography really hope that all of you have a fantastic and safe holiday season!


Which one is your favorite?