Not one, not two, but THREE stunning young ladies! The Darabadey Triplets had us oo-ing and ahh-ing during their senior photo shoot at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve – and we just had to tell everyone about it!

It’s all thanks to Elite Senior Model Rep Gabi Norsworthy who nominated the three lovely triplets as our Dream Seniors for 2016. The Dream Senior is a way for our studio to give back to the Frisco community, and our model team nominates a friend or two who deserves some awesome senior pictures! This year, we chose the triplets, although the competition was VERY tough, and we were glad that we did.

After the threat of rain passed, we headed out to meet Tina, Tonia, and Tara at the picturesque nature preserve. To summarize our hike around the preserve: avoided an Easter egg hunt, ducked underneath falling branches, got lost in the woods, found a creek, ran around in the creek, rolled in some itchy grass, and gawked at the beautiful sunset.

It was a fun, crazy, and gorgeous day and we were so happy to be spending it with these awesome sisters! They’re all three still deciding how to spend their future, but it looks like the crew will be splitting up for some time in the fall while they attend college. It’s bitter sweet, but the seniors are excited for what lies ahead and they are looking forward to change!


Which one is your favorite?