Surprise! We met with Shannon and Lauren Dyer, two sisters and awesome senior model reps, at Little Elm Park for a secret sister session! In an attempt to surprise their parents for their anniversary, Shannon and Lauren contacted us to see if we would take them out for a sister photo session and how could we say no?

It was fate, as the day was just beautiful. Macy and Molly, our awesome intern, met the sneaky sisters and set off immediately down one of the walking trails at Little Elm Park. As we were walking around one of the many bends in the trail, Shannon told the team that the girls had told their parents that they were going shopping. Being the wonderful mother she is, Cindy even gave the girls extra cash to spend while they were out. The girls laughed as they decided that it would probably be a good idea to do some emergency shopping after the shoot in order to keep their alibi!

You may recognize Lauren from her senior shoot with us back in 2011! Now pursuing her business degree at A&M, she told our team that she is also a member of Gamma Phi Beta, a prominent sorority whose philanthropy centers around Building Strong Girls, an organization that helps young women find their inner strength through mentoring!

Shannon should also look very familiar through her participation in our Senior Model Rep Program. Not only has Shannon had her personal session with us, but she’s also been in a group session with another senior model rep, Haley, and in our New Year’s themed shoot! Needless to say, these sisters are comfortable in front of the camera and did not bat an eye at the onlookers who stumbled upon us during our shoot! One group of girls even told Shannon and Lauren how gorgeous they were as they passed our team on bicycles!

After grabbing some ice cream from an ice cream truck, the girls stuck their toes in the lake for some cute and watery pictures! Shannon told us that they chose to have their session at Little Elm Park because their parents shared a deep love for the lake!

After a gorgeous afternoon with the lovely pair of sisters, we packed up our team and said bye as the girls sped off to do some fast shopping! We were so happy to be included in such a beautiful gift and hope their parents were perfectly surprised!



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