"People tell me that all of the time! I think it’s the dark hair.” Senior Model Rep, Samantha Bradley, just laughed when our team told her she reminded them of the Disney princess, Snow White. And although she’s probably heard it over and over again until her ears were bleeding, this stunning beauty was nothing but kind about it – even telling our team that she was thinking about being Snow White for Halloween.

A senior this year at Heritage High School, Samantha was the last senior to join our elite model team this year. Like many of the other seniors on our team, Samantha is a busy person. Outside of school, Samantha nannies for a great family just around the corner from the studio! She’s also great friends with Senior Model Rep, Carly Garrett, who we know you recognize from all of the shoots we’ve had her in this year.

While walking around Downtown McKinney, our team spotted a Ferrari. Being opportunists, we snuck up to “casually” pose Samantha in front of the glamorous car. Within minutes, the owner of Sugar Bacon popped out of the restaurant to watch. A little nervous, our team got ready to bolt when the owner asked Samantha if she’d like to hop in. Our faces must have been priceless, because the owner burst out laughing and said that the Ferrari’s driver had offered to let Samantha climb in after spotting her posing in front of it. Samantha looked at Tyler for guidance, and he was like: “Uh, DUH!” and hopped into the driver’s seat.

After wearing out our welcome in the stunning Italian car, our team continued to walk around Downtown McKinney. Nothing could follow up a Ferrari as a prop, but we had some balloons so we gave it a shot! The wind wasn’t cooperating too well, but after a few tries, Samantha was able to bend the balloons to her will and we were able to grab a few shots that are magazine worthy.

With the sun beginning to set, we had just enough time to make it over to Towne Lake Park for just a few photos in the grassy fields with an old chair that Samantha’s mom had brought. The chair was older than Samantha, and it was her mom’s favorite chair to sit in when she was pregnant with her. Our team may have choked up a little, but no tears were spilled that day! We had an absolute blast with Samantha and her mom and we want you guys to keep a look out for her on the blog in the future!



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