When Senior Model Rep, Maddie Snowden, approached us asking if we could do a short swim shoot, our team was more than excited. Our studio is equipped with a large variety of backgrounds and props, but one of our favorite features is the backyard. With a gorgeous pool and the customized fountains, our team can create cool and different photographs that really stick out among the rest.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a swimmer in our midst, so our team couldn’t wait to work with Maddie and one of her teammates from Heritage High School. After already rolling in a creek for her personal session, this brave senior model rep had no problem jumping into our pool and posing for our camera with wet hair! And boy did it pay off. We also loved having the opportunity to work with Heritage High School Junior, Karly Peterson, who told us that she was excited for the swim season this year and how happy she was to have Maddie as the captain of their team.

After swimming around and showing off their stroke techniques, our team was able to capture these two awesome athletes in their element.



Which one is your favorite?