Being a model can be difficult, but nature has a way of making it even more difficult to look as good as Shannon Milburn does in front of the camera!

It was a very windy day when Shannon met us at Mt. Zion Cemetery to begin her DFW senior portrait shoot with us, but this boho beauty was not deterred, especially since the sun was out and shining brightly. Shannon is a senior at Lucas Christian Academy, where she met one of her close friends and fellow Senior Model Rep, Lexi Maashio who you may recognize from a Senior Model Rep session at Luscombe Farms.

The athletic trainer is anything but a girly-girl, but she knows a thing or two about fashion – which was evident in her choice of elephant printed harem pants – and told our team while climbing a tree on the hill at Mt. Zion Cemetery that she plans on majoring in Fashion Design when she heads off to college next fall!

"Tyler is an amazing photographer and even when the conditions weren't ideal, he did an amazing job making sure the pictures came out the way I wanted. The team is so fun and the atmosphere is light and exciting! Being a model representative for Tyler R. Brown is one of my favorite things about my senior year. There are so many good things about the company, I would recommend him to anyone!" - Shannon Milburn

When she’s not taking care of injured football players, Shannon is exploring her interest in photography and traveling to share her smile around the world. Did you know that Shannon traveled to Thailand last summer? Not only did she have a blast, but she worked as a missionary during her time there. She told us as she was holding up the Thai flag that she plans on going back and traveling as much as possible in the future.

We ended up having to chase the sun as we arrived at the Adriatica Village in McKinney, but just because we were losing sun did not mean that we lost great pictures! We managed to catch one of Shannon’s most favorite things about herself: her freckles! Freckles have become so popular in our society that women will even use makeup to create ‘faux freckles’, but Shannon has no issues in that department and we were able to capture her stunning spots in the setting sun.

Though she has not decided quite yet, we hope that Shannon has a fabulous time at which ever college she chooses to attend and a fantastic senior year!

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