In Dallas, Texas, cold is not usually a word that is thrown around very often. Heat, wind, sweat, are usually synonymous with DFW senior portraits, but cold? Unfortunately, Zach Ferrell had to brave the coldest and windiest day of winter (so far) – but we think it was not in vain!

Michelle Ferrell, Zach’s mom, called us in a panic on that Monday morning. Zach had gone through the rigorous and painful process of having his braces removed for his senior portraits only to have their photographer cancel on them last minute and his orthodontist was calling him back in to put on a new fresh set of metal the following day. Having found our photographs on Yahoo and through the Underwoods – Michelle attended high school with Ron – who you may recognize from their senior and family portraits with us, Michelle called us in the hopes that we would be available to take Zach’s senior portraits. To her (and our own) surprise, we indeed were available to have Zach’s portraits done that afternoon.

We won’t lie though, it was freezing. The future Arkansas State student met us at the Adriatica Village in McKinney, Texas and the wind was relentless. Bravely, Zach took off his Northface jacket and took some great photographs in his polo shirt with Michelle holding his jacket for warmth when we changing locations.

While the wind was whisking through his hair, Zach told us that he is a senior this year at McKinney North High School, and that he was on the school’s track team, which almost came in handy when we were caught photographing in the area. One of the local shop keepers got on to us for blocking a side street, so in retaliation we drove Zach’s Ford up onto one of the grassy hills. Luckily our rebellious act went unnoticed and we were able to capture Zach loving on his truck in only the way a guy can bond with his ford.

Sadly, Zach had to leave us to head to work at his neighborhood’s country club, but we were more than satisfied with the photographs we captured of the hard-worker! We hope he has a blast this year and we can’t wait to see him head off to college next fall!



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