TV shows like American Gladiators, American Ninja Warrior, and Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge have increased in popularity over the past few years. Twitter and Instagram are littered with tips, tricks, and ideas for clean eating and a healthy lifestyle over all. Yoga pants sales are booming, and our team will wear workout gear on a North Dallas Senior photo shoot because of their breezy (and sweat resistant) materials.

Without saying much more, it’s very obvious that fitness is at the forefront of many minds these days, so we thought we would feature Senior Model Reps Laura Doocy and Laura Romero in a fitness themed photo shoot!

The lovely ladies met us at the studio so that we could all caravan down to Little Elm Park which is only 10 minutes from our studio in Frisco. On the way over, we chatted about their different workout routines. Laura Doocy is a very talented volleyball player, so strength and agility play a big part of her work outs with her high school, >Creekview High School and club teams. Laura Romero is a graceful Rangerette at Lone Star High School and has to stay limber for her dance moves. Both girls have to jump pretty high and stay flexible for their activities, so it was no problem to get them into some of the poses that we were hoping to capture during this shoot.

Both of the Laura’s were awesome, and although it was a tad bit toasty outside, they wore their long sleeved jackets and shirts as if it was mid-winter, and not a sweat drop was seen! We played in wildflowers, ran into some ACTUAL joggers who we cheered on, and avoided flying insects with a vengeance.

This shoot was really fun for us and the models gave our team some helpful tips to make our workouts better in the future!


Which one is your favorite?