With the start of the school year and football season, it’s no wonder that our busy 2017 seniors want to have their senior photo sessions as soon as possible! Most people like to ask us what the best time of year for senior pictures to be done is and our answer almost every time is the summer and fall for Texas seniors. As every Texan knows, it’s hot in July and August. But that shouldn’t deter you from having your photos done! Summer is a wonderful time for senior pictures, as senior model rep, Tyler Crew, can tell you!

We began her session at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and after a good hike, itchy grass, and splashing through the sweet creek that runs through the middle of the preserve, we took a break from the Texas heat and headed over to Mt. Zion Cemetery that is just around the corner from the studio. Tyler told our team that although she’s looking forward to softball season, she’s excited for what the end of senior year will bring with the new adventures that collegiate life will present. This runs true for most of our awesome seniors, and their excitement is contagious!

At Mt. Zion Cemetery, we posed the gorgeous senior with the sunset and among the tall grass that grows up there – with considerably less bugs than Arbor Hills has. Tyler and her mom, Kim, told us about their heritage as Choctaw Native Americans and how amazing it is to have a family history that runs so deeply in the area.

Sadly the sun left us in the dark, and we had to head back to the studio, but we definitely can’t wait to photograph Tyler again soon, whether it be for our model program like her camping session was, or for her free family session later on this year!


Which one is your favorite?