When you first meet senior model rep, Gabby Klosterman, don’t let her shy demeanor fool you! This wonderful senior from The Colony High School is both sweet and artsy and took us for a jot around DFW for her North Dallas senior photo session.

We met Gabby at the studio to get her primed and camera ready by one of our amazing hair and makeup artists. While getting her hair and makeup done, her dad, Duane, told us that Gabby was their miracle baby as Gabby’s mom, Lisa, had been diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with Gabby. Knowing how hard pregnancy was, Lisa forwent radiation and chemo so that they could try and keep Gabby, and 18 years later both Duane and Lisa are so glad they did! Gabby is intelligent, artistic, and extremely kind. If you have ever had a conversation with her, you would know where she stands on today’s major issues and how much she loves American Horror Story!

Once Gabby was geared in to go, we headed out to Prairie Creek Park, which has a series of waterfalls, bridges, and greenery. It was a hot day, and it smelled pretty bad due to some dead fish in the area, but Gabby soldiered through it so that we could get some awesome photos! She even managed to balance on some unstable rocks – IN HEELS!

In some serious need for air conditioning, we jumped back into the car and drove over to Deep Ellum. A very artsy part of town known for its 44 Murals project, Deep Ellum was a perfect spot for Gabby’s senior photos. Adding in a little bit of edginess to her sweet demeanor was exactly what we needed and we all left that night feeling superbly wonderful about how awesome the shoot was!


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