You would think having two kids would put a damper on the spark in a marriage, but you could never say that about Joey and Beth Miletello.

This gorgeous couple has two amazingly beautiful kids, and that flame is brighter than ever. Our team even noted during their session how we could almost see the love between them as if it was a tangible object. Of course, with every smooch came a groan and a giggle from their children, Katie and Christian.

We had the Miletellos meet us out at Luscombe Farms, a gorgeous rustic location out in Anna, Texas. This North Dallas family had a blast running around the property, playing on the old truck that’s parked up there, and relaxing on a blanket in the sun.

We loved spending the afternoon with this lovely family and we can’t wait to watch their kids grow up, since they live right next to the studio!



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