Such a fun session! Ashlynn Starry's McKinney Texas Senior Pictures Wows The World

This drop-dead gorgeous beauty, Ashlynn Starry, is not just easy on the eyes she’s easy on the camera too! Reedy High School’s favorite senior, Ashlynn, not only dresses up like a supermodel but she poses like one as well! From her chic brown leather boots to her trendy white converse, she knew how to carry it all off with a bucket load of awesomeness.

We loved how the weather complimented her photo-shoot. The sun exposure was just right. We kept taking pictures from different angles while the sun played through the trees between the buildings and backlit her hair.

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Such a fun session! Our 2018 Seniors Take Denton by Storm

When you live in Texas, you never know what the weather is going to do. Although we had a 20% chance of precipitation – which in North Texas that could mean rain, sleet, snow, hail, frogs, etc. – our team was confident that our biggest photo shoot to date would go off without a hitch. With our models safely buckled, and some others following, we led a caravan down to Denton Square – a staple of DFW.

Lovingly known as the ‘Lil' d’, Denton

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Myrna Phillips Commercial Jewelry Suzanne Korslet Studio White Seamless Myrna Phillips Jewelry Commercial Photography Shoot

Myrna Phillips is a jewelry and accessories designer based right here in Dallas and when she approached us to put together a catalog shoot for her new line of products, we were very excited to help out. Myrna's work is amazing, and can been seen here being worn by Carrie Underwood! Her introduction in Vegas went really well and I anticipate you'll be seeing her work all over the place very soon!

We started this commercial photography shoot by doing some planning. We scoured the Internet for some amazing models, and coordinated an amazing studio session.....

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