We love this awesome photo of rock star, Kaity Floyd, kneeling in a field of fog as a storm rages on behind her. Kaity Floyd’s iTunes Cover Photo Shoot!

We first met Kaity in 2010 for her senior portrait session. She was so much fun to photograph the first time around so it stands to reason we were thrilled when she reached out to us to shoot her the iTunes cover photo for her new single “Broken”. Her goal was to get photos that matched the kind of music she makes, mysterious and creative. She chose the location, which was near Babe’s close to Frisco Square. We could smell country fried chicken the entire time we were shooting...

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Emily Good looking Awesome Senior Wonderful Pulchritudinous Splendid.jpg Centennial High School Senior - Emily Rhodes

We had quite an electrifying experience with Emily, a senior at Centennial High School. We met up at Frisco Square where we started off taking some fun photos with Emily’s Coach purse collection and yes, Coach shoes! However, we had to shoot fast because a huge storm was approaching.

…and so with the cops watching, and the storm raging we do what… get into the water fountain, or course. If you’re looking for a “safe” senior session, you might want look elsewhere! Later we heard some real biff boom bams, and headed...

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